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The Ordnance Survey map of 1908 (which was the 1885 survey, updated in 1906), shows a large building labelled as a flour mill in that section of land north of the Railway Station, and between the Haven and the road.  This building was demolished in 1917 and its bricks used to build houses at the rapidly-expanding Scunthorpe.

In this building, or one on the same site, the ‘Tinkle Brewery’ was owned and run by Frederick Grassby in the Warehouse close to railway station, Winteringham, 1965period running up to the Great War.

Mr Grassby also owned a bottle washing plant*, that was obviously connected to the brewing business, and there was also the North Lincoln Chemical Manufacturing Company.  This latter business had as its chief product, a glass cleaning chemical, presumably used in the bottle washing operation.

The building in the picture was on the same site as the Flour Mill, between the Mill itself and the Railway Station.  The photograph was taken in 1965 .  The photograph (below) was taken by Sandra Clayton at a similar date.

* It was reported in the Hull Daily Mail of 16th August 1895, under the heading "Patents sealed" ... "H Grassby, Winteringham, Lincolnshire, for bottle washing machinery."



Low Burgage Building


Burkill bottle 511w 11072012

A clay bottle from the village, supplied by I & J Burkill


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