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Lost and Found in Winteringham

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Lost and Found

by Kate Roe

Here are some of the artefacts on the PAS database found in and around Winteringham. I've added some info below for anyone wishing to report a find, or who'd like to go detecting or treasure hunting themselves:
PAS Database (Winteringham)

 If anyone has any questions about these finds or would like to get a find identified or reported for addition to the Portable Antiquities Scheme database then they should contact the Finds Liason Officer (FLO) Martin Foreman at Scunthorpe Museum. It doesn't have to be a newly made find and could have been lurking in an old box of junk in the shed for years!  Martin can be contacted by phone on 01724 843533 or e-mail.  All finds are returned after they have been documented and photographed. Here's the North Lincs council webpage for the PAS... PAS

Finds don't just have to be metal and made by metal detectors, as pottery and stone tools are also of great interest.  Unless finds are Treasure which must be reported to the FLO or the local coroner  - For the laws on Treasure in the UK click here.   There is no obligation by law to report any item found by metal detecting, but by doing so you are not only helping to record Britain's Heritage, but providing an invaluable resource for students, researchers and anyone else interested in Archaeology.  Many new and important groups of artefacts that were hitherto unknown have been discovered by items reported for identification and recording on the database and in some instances new archaeological sites have been discovered by finds

Last, but most certainly not least, unless you are just digging around in your back garden then before you go "treasure hunting" on any land you must seek the permission of the landowner!  Not to do so is not only trespassing and you will face prosecution if caught, but can cause serious damage to crops, farmland SSSIs and heritage sites.  The best way to go about things is to join your local metal detecting club - Scunthorpe Metal Detecting Society - Chairman Ken Jacobs - Meets every second Monday of the month at the Flixborough Inn, 7:30pm or Lisa Staves can advise of other clubs nearby.  You can also join fieldwalks held by the The Community Archaeology Project (CAP)  - contact the Community Archaeology Assistant, Ian Rowlandson, on (01724) 843533, or email - North Lincs council website has a page about this project here

Cartwheel Penny

Here’s a Winteringham mystery!  This “Cartwheel Penny” of 1799 has been over stamped with a name.  The surname is easily readable as Robinson ... but what of the upper line?

Will this coin, discovered by Jean Jacobs, forever hold its secret? 

Photos ©Ken Jacobs 2007

Cartwheel Penny
Cartwheel Penny Close-up







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