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The Maltkilns in Low Burgage and West End

Matkiln, Low Burgage, WinteringhamMalting was a village industry for a very long time, although we have few facts to show for it.  The maltkiln in the photograph stood on the eastern side of Low Burgage where the new Chapel is built.  It was owned in the middle of the nineteenth century by John and Isaac Burkill , and was later sold to Moon and Robsons who continued to use it until the early years of the twentieth century.  There was a second maltkiln in Winteringham in West End. (see lower photograph).  There is an excellent side view of the Low Burgage Maltkiln in this photograph taken in 1958.

According to the 1851 census, there were two men who gave their trade as ‘Maltsters.’  These were 56 year old William Harrison who lived in High Burgage, and William Warburton (43) from Low Burgage.

The 1901 Census reveals that there were still two maltsters in the village.  These were Winteringham-born Williamson Warburton
(aged 52) who we can speculate was the son of William Warburton above, and living in West End.  The other maltster was one Enock Coupland who lived in Low Burgage and was 64 years old, being born at Theddlethorpe, out in the Lincolnshire Marsh.

By the time this photograph was taken in 1965, it was being used for short-term storage (sugar beet at that precise time), and had been partially burnt down in 1964

Maltkiln, West End, WinteringhamThe photograph (right) shows the other maltkiln in the village, in West End, on the corner opposite Cowgangs.  The cottages in the centre foreground were demolished in the early 1950s, by which time the maltkiln had already gone.

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