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Rescues and Heroes

With the Haven and Humber being so close, there have been many opportunities for rescuing people in danger .... but not all rescues have been down by the waterside!

When a young Hull lad fell in the dock, he was lucky Alf Barley was quick thinking!

Winteringham’s Alf Barley was on his sloop in the ferry dock at Victoria Pier in Hull, when a youngster fell into the dock.  Thanks to Alf, the boy lived to tell the tale!


Hull Daily Mail
Thursday 29th August 1935

Rescued Boy Walks Away

Vanishes after Hull Pier Thrill

While playing on the ferryboat dock, Victoria Pier, Hull, a young boy, believed to be about 8 to 10 years old, fell into the water.  His plight was seen by Alfred Barley, aged 62, of Winteringham, Lincolnshire, skipper of a sloop moored nearby.

Mr Barley jumped into a small boat and rowed to the boy, whom he succeeded in rescuing.  The boy, who appeared none the worse for his ordeal, got out of the boat and walked away when the quayside was reached, and though the police have made enquiries they have been unable to ascertain his identity.



Child pulled from well!

In the middle of July 1936, two-year-old Betty Fell fell into the old brewery well close by the Railway Station, whilst out playing with a friend.  By good fortune, the stationmaster heard children relaying the story, and with the help of two other men brought a happy end to what could have been a terrible tragedy!  The Hull Daily Mail had the story the next day ....


Hull Daily Mail
Friday 17th July 1936

Thrilling Child Rescue

Race against time at Winteringham

A thrilling rescue took place at Winteringham last night, when a two-years-old child had a marvellous escape from drowning in an old disused brewery well 80 feet deep.

The child was Betty Fell, daughter of Mr and Mrs H. Fell, of Low Burgage, Winteringham.

The station master, Mr R.W.Barratt, was leaving his office, when he overheard children who were hurrying down the village street say that there was a dead baby in the old well on some grassland opposite the river.  He questioned them, and to his horror found out that they had seen what appeared to be the body of a child floating on the top of the water in the well.

Not losing a second, he dashed to the spot with two other men, Harry Button and Arthur Sanderson.  The child was still on top, and holding Sanderson by one arm, they lowered him down to clutch at the child.

After some exertion, they managed to get her out, the water being eight feet from the top of the well.

Child's Recovery

The child appeared to be dead, and had been totally submerged.  Artificial respiration was applied for some time by the station master - there being no doctor in Winteringham - and eventually the child showed signs of life.  They then carried her home, put her between hot blankets, and when she awoke this morning she seemed quite well again.

She suffers from a bruise on the forehead and scratches to the side of the face.  Later, it was learned that with four-years-old Frank Jones, Betty had been playing round the well, from which half the stone had been removed.



Humber Lock Tragedy

In June 1947, a German prisoner from Winteringham Camp died in the Ancholme despite valiant attempts to rescue him.  The Hull Daily Mail report tells of the tragedy on June 1st, and how his body was recovered the following day:

Hull Daily Mail
2nd June 1947

Humber Lock Tragedy

After police, special constables, lock-keepers and German prisoners had dragged the River Ancholme , the body of Ober-Gefreiter (L/c) Hermann Fritz, who was drowned while bathing near the lock gates at South Ferriby yesterday afternoon, was recovered today.

Fritz, who was an ex-member of the German Navy, was stated to be a non-swimmer.  He was one of a party of prisoners from Winteringham Camp who were bathing in the river in the hot sunshine.

Struggled violently

Fritz was seen to dive into the river and struggle part of the way across.  He was in difficulties and a fellow prisoner, Kurt Kummell, swam out to him.  Fritz apparently struggled violently and Kummell lost his hold when a motor boat passed.





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