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The Temperance Hall

The Temperance Hall, Winteringham

Two early views of the Temperance Hall, Winteringham.  The smaller part of the building (at this end of each photo) was the kitchen, with steps up.  The main entrance was in Hewde Lane.

The Temperance Hall, Winteringham

Winteringham Temperance Hall

According to the local directories, the Temperance Hall was built for about 300.  It was opened on July 14th 1882 - the date of the Annual Fair in Winteringham (see article below). 

By the 1950s it was still being used for dances and wedding receptions, though the roof was deteriorating, with pantiles slipping off, particularly at the back, and in the early sixties it was demolished.

The Temperance Hall Opens

From the Hull Packet, 28th July 1882

. - This building, which will comfortably seat 250 persons, was opened on the 14th at a public meeting, addressed by Mr W. Brooks, Hull, and the Revs C. Knowles and A.L. Greig.  The chairman was Mr G.H. Lennard, of Hull.  Another meeting, on the following night, was under the chairmanship of Mr Marshall, of Barton, the speakers being Messrs Browton and Odlin.  A sermon was preached in the hall on Sunday by Mr Dawson of Winterton.  The attendance at the various services was good.  The hall meets a public want, and bids fair to be quite an acquisition to the neighbourhood as a lecture hall and concert room.

GRAND CONCERT. - A few evenings ago a most excellent concert of sacred and secular music was given in the New Hall, under the conductorship of Mr J.H. Green, by Dr J.H. Gibson and a numerous party of ladies and gentlemen from Hull.  It is the first time that so many of the choice productions of the great masters have been so well rendered in this neighbourhood.  To particularise any of the performers, where all were so good, would be invidious.  We can only say that the crowded audience was delighted, and that if the same artists honour this place with another visit, they may depend on having a full house and a most hearty welcome.


From the Hull Packet, 2nd February 1883

An interesting concert was given in the Temperance Hall on 19th inst. to a large and attentive audience.  The programme was capitally rendered.  The pianoforte solos were admirably played by Mr W. Bennett, and were greatly applauded.  The promoters are well satisfied with the pecuniary result, the amount realised being about five guineas, which is given in aid of church funds.

Service of Song, and an interesting lecture about Parliamentary Reform

From the Hull Packet, 9th March 1883

- On the evening of 21st ult. a service  of song on "The Pilgrim's Progress" was rendered in a  very hearty manner by the Primitive Methodist choir  from Frodingham. The proceeds, which were not very large, go to the benefit of the Temperance Society,    On Wednesday evening Mr Robt. Brown, jun., F. S. A.,  gave in the Temperance Hall, by special request, a lecture  on " Parliamentary Representation, Past and Present."  The lecturer, in his usual interesting style, traced the  history of the House of Commons and its electors from  the earliest times, and said that down to the year 1429, in  the reign of Henry VI., the House of Commons was elected by the resident householders of England, so that household suffrage in counties is no innovation, but merely a return to the ancient law of the country. The  lecturer then alluded to the evil effects of a highly restricted franchise, gave some amusing instances of proceedings in the famous "rotten boroughs," referred to  equal representation under Cromwell, to the vain attempt  of Pitt to reform the House of Commons in 1782, and to  the Reform Acts of 1832 and 1867, and concluded with an eloquent appeal to those who would hereafter receive the  franchise to exercise it well and worthily. At the close a unanimous vote of thanks was accorded to the lecturer, and the proceedings closed with a similar compliment to  the chairman, Mr W. N. Marshall.

Meeting of Liberals at Winteringham

From the Hull Packet, 16th March 1883 [NB: The first story does not specify where the service was held]

On Wednesday week [7-3-1883] a service of song was well rendered by the Frodingham Choir, and was received with great enthusiasm by a large audience.  The proceeds, which were good, were given to the funds of the society. [Note: the "society" is not noted]

A meeting of Liberals has been held in the Temperance Hall, and was addressed by Mr Robert Brown, of Barton.  The offerings of the large audience amounted to 3s 4d, which went to help pay the expenses, the hall being specially hired for the occasion.


From the Hull Packet, 2nd November 1883

A bazaar of useful and fancy articles was held in the Temperance Hall on 24th and 25th ult.. [24th and 25th October 1883] The hall was tastefully decorated for the occasion.  The bazaar was opened on Wednesday at three o'clock by Mr J. Watkin.  The attendance was very good, and a brisk sale immediately commenced.  The refreshment stall was well patronised.  There were several amusements - weighing machine, bran tubs, galvanic battery, &c., &c. The amount realised was 44, which is for the reduction of debt on the hall.

Bazaar and Lecture to be held

From the Hull Packet, 9th November 1893

It is intended to hold a bazaar for the benefit of the Church some time about Christmas.
The Right Hon. J. Lowther, M.P., and Mr. J. A. Wade have kindly contributed 1 each towards the bazaar in connection with the Temperance Hall.
It is expected that the Rev. A. L. Greig, the popular minister of the Barton Congregational Church, will give a lecture in the Temperance Hall on the 16th in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Martin Luther's birth.


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