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For detailed information on the shops owned by Teals/Andrews, Watkins/Brays/Potts, and Gate End Stores, and High Flags, please click the relevant name or the navigation button on the left.

1851 and 1901
At the time of the 1851 census, there were a number of shops and trades in the village, as shown below.  It would be a mistake to assume that all the trades below had a 'shop' as we know it now, and many would simply operate from a house. The list is interesting none the less.  For comparison, the list of traders in 1901 is given alongside in dark blue.

Gate End Hill
High Burgage


Hercules Barnett (75)
Hannah Otter (39)
John Watkin (35)

All the people registered as grocers in 1851 were also registered as drapers

Low Burgage
High Burgage
High Burgage
West End
West End

Shopkeepers, Confectioners

West End

Isabel Reynolds (73)

The exact nature of this business is not recorded

Publicans and Innkeepers

High Burgage
West End
Ings Farm

Eliza Clayton (49)
Edwin Bray (50) (also draper)
Gertrude Spencer (54)
Edmund Bickell (also draper/postmaster
George Hookham (76) (also farm labourer)

Mary Green (75) (Confectioner/shopkeeper)
Emily Hardy (35) (Tobacconist/Confectioner)
George Lockwood (20) (Baker & Confectioner)

Waterside House
Low Burgage
High Burgage

John Waddingham(54)
William Bell (59)
William Kendal (32)

(Although not stated in the census, it is known that William Bell was the publican of the ‘Bay Horse Inn’).
(Although not stated in the census it is thought that William Kendal was the publican at the ‘Ferry House.’

Bay Horse Inn
High Burgage

John E Goodman (44)
Walter Thornton (62)

(Although not stated in the census it is thought that Walter Thornton was the publican at the ‘Ferry Boat Inn.’


Low Burgage
Low Burgage
High Burgage

Gilbert Handson (30)
Wm Booth (30) (also shepherd)
John Barratt (59)


West End
High Burgage
Silver Street

Joseph Crust (48)*
William Owbridge (64)
William Sargason (59)

*Joseph Crust’s apprentice was: Thompson Wheatley (14).

High Burgage
Silver Street
Silver Street

Silver Street
Low Burgage

George Handson (46)
Thomas Dawson (50)
Henry Smith (50) (Pork Butcher & Carrier)

Alfred Barr (36)
George Barr (64) (also draper)

From the 1912 Guide to Winteringham: The Ancestor of Mr. Owbridge of Lung Tonic fame was a tailor in the Village and it is probable that the inventor of that famous remedy visited the Village. [Note: Owbridge’s Lung Tonic was made in Hull.]


West End
Low Burgage
High Burgage
High Burgage
High Burgage
High Burgage
Ferriby Sluice

Arabella (55) & Arabella (27) Barratt
Elizabeth Bell (32)
Ann Waddingham (20)
Ann Barratt (63)
Jane Hill (26)
Elizabeth Houldridge (26)
Dinah Fox (31)

High Burgage
Low Burgage
West End
Silver Street
Low Burgage
Low Burgage

Rose Hannah Welch (21)
Emma Clayton (20)
Sarah Sewell (59)
Elizabeth Storm (34)
Hannah Coupland (67)
Annie M Bratton (28)


West End
West End
West End
West End
West End
Ferry Lane
Low Burgage
High Burgage
Mkt Hill Pl
Mkt Hill Pl
Mkt Hill Pl

William Bratton (37)*
John Pickersgill (67)
William Pickersgill (38)
John Smith (29)
Edward Waddingham (32)
Mathew (64) & William (24) Robinson
John Foster (72)
Wilkinson Evratt (47)
Wade Booth (57)
Ralph Driffill (24)
Thomas Nixon (62)

West End
High Burgage

George Pickersgill (56)
John Langton(54)

* Apprentice: Emanuel Coopland (15)

Waddingham receipt Winteringham Stores - front Waddingham receipt Winteringham Stores - back

An unused receipt from J Waddingham Grocer & Draper, with an offer of free gifts in exchange for coupons off dozen-packets of Three Torches matches.

Note the spelling ‘Wintringham’

For higher-resolution images of this receipt, please click the images.

Waddingham receipt Winteringham Stores

Arthur Bell1950s and 60s Shops Review ...

Bell’s Shop

Arthur Bell's ShopThis shop is in West End, and in the early 1950s it sold sweets, and was owned by Mr Bell, above.  Mr Bell’s photograph includes the following information on the back:

“Arthur Robert Bell - eldest son -born Winteringham - died 29 January 1968 aged 54.
Lost leg at age of eighteen. His dad built him a shop at top of Marsh Lane Hill  - general stores. Later he took possession of the General Stores at Gate End.
At one time he worked for Eccles Slag-a company based at Santon.
Prior to his death in 1968 he was employed by the steelworks as a weighbridge attendant.”

Two Shops in West End

Two old shops in West End Winteringham - 1965Old shops in Winteringham 2005I vaguely recollect that these two shops were in use in the very early 1950s - but I may well be wrong, and would appreciate any further information that visitors may have.  I remember that the smaller of the two sold paraffin at that time. 

In the 1851 census, Eliza Robinson is believed to have lived in the house just visible on the left, and is listed as a former straw hat maker, - it is possible that she had used the smaller shop on the left to exhibit her wares. The 1901 census gives George Hookham’s occupation as “Farm labourer and grocer,” with the positioning of his place in the list suggesting that he lived in the house in the centre of the picture.

Fish and chip shop Silver Street Winteringham There were two fish and chip shops in the 1950s - one in High Burgage (opposite the bottom of Market Hill), and the other in Low Burgage. Both closed however, and it was some years before this one opened on Silver Street

Elaine Harrison remembers these:

We had two fish and chip shops.  Margaret Wilson's mother (Mrs Barley?) had the fish & chip opposite Bray's Shop, although I believe that it was down Low Burgage before that, and there was another one by the bus stop in Silver Street.

John Kirk says:

When we had fish and chips from the shop down Low Burgage, I was always told to buy haddock, not cod.  It was wonderful when the new potatoes were being fried for the first time too.  You didn’t get as many as previously, but their taste was wonderful!  The fish and chip shops only opened a few nights a week, and in midweek the two didn’t open on the same nights as far as I can remember.

Jim Sewell, farmer and milkman

Jim Sewell was the last farmer to sell his own milk in Winteringham, with a daily milk round.  His farm was down Marsh Lane  Up to the early 1950s, housewives would put out jugs or basins, probably with a note asking for a pint, pint of milk etc, and Jim would ladle out the exact quantity from the churns on his milk float pulled by a pony.

Photograph reproduced from the Winteringham FC photo by kind permission of Marjorie Bratton and scanned by ©Ken Jacobs

Butchers shop West End Winteringham
Blanchard and Bell's Butchers Shop
Midland Bank High Burgage Winteringham
The Midland Bank had a branch in High Burgage - the light blue door and window in this photograph.  It opened on Tuesdays.

Two More Adverts from 1912 ...

Routh Advert and William Smith advert from 1912 Guide of Winteringham(Scanned by Harry Wells 2005)


Joiners, Wheelwrights,
Undertakers, etc

In all its Branches



Is prepared upon receipt of due notice to convey
persons any reasonable distance at moderate
charges. Local Trains at Stations in the District
or Ferriby Sluice Steamer and by appointment

Country Drives Undertaken - Carrier for Passengers or
Goods to and from Hull, by Steamer running from Ferriby
Sluice, Tuesdays and Fridays, Waggonette, or Bus
leaving Gate End, Winteringham, 8-45 a.m.

Wool shop West End Winteringham

The wool shop in West End 1967

The Ferry Boat Inn

The Ferry Boat Inn in the mid-sixties. The history of Winteringham is inextricably linked with the Ferry Boat Inn, where Dr Stukeley stayed in the eighteenth century, and in which important meetings were held, as well as social events and dances before the building of the Temperance Hall in 1882.  According to the 1861 Census however, it was called the “Ship Inn” at that time, with William Parker (31) being the innkeeper as well as a carpenter. Wife Susanna (32), daughters Mary (12) and Alice (1), and house servant Mary Franklin (17) made up the household.

The Bay Horse Inn

The Bay Horse at Gate End in the mid-sixties.  The Bay Horse is over 160 years old, and possibly much older.  It was the landlord of the Bay Horse who provided the food to celebrate the reopening of the Church after its renovation in 1851.  Gate End has always been a meeting place, and at one time was famous for the cockfighting that was held there.  Strangely, it is thought that the site of the Bay Horse was the original site of the Ferry Boat Inn!

Mere Garage 1967

This was Wingate's Garage on Mere Crossroads in the mid-sixties, with the office immediately behind the petrol pumps of the era, and the service bay behind.  Mr Wingate lived in a bungalow to the left of this photograph.

There were other shops, for which we do not, at the moment have photographs, including the Butcher's shop on Silver Street, and Teal's in West End, which sold sweets and repaired shoes.


In the early 1950s, Jim Sewell delivered milk from his Marsh Lane Farm, by pony and cart.  He ladled the required quantity of milk into jugs placed usually on doorsteps by the householder. He was superseded by the Co-op delivery lorry, which left the required quantity of milk in exchange for 'milk checks' bought at the Co-op shop at Gate End, or for money left outside.

Glentons Bakery sold bread and cakes door-to-door.

Clarke's butchers of Winterton also had a round in Winteringham.

Mr Button of Waterside delivered kindling wood and logs.

The Library Van from 'Lindsey and Holland Public Libraries, spent the entire day in the mid-sixties covering just South Ferriby and Winteringham.  Its first seven stops were in Ferriby, with stops 8 to 21 in Winteringham as detailed below:

Stop Code

Stopping Point




Ermine House




Middleton's Poultry Farm




Silver Street - Coleby House




Low Burgage - Stonelea




High Burgage - South end




Southside Estate - Bungalows




The School




The Orchard




The Vicarage




West End - The Haven




West End - Marsh Lane




West End - Laurel Cottage




Council Villas




Winterton Road - bungalows



Note: Winteringham had its own library until 1956.  It was in the original (1823) Chapel in Low Burgage, included about 200 books and was staffed by a volunteer.



Ralph Driffill Shoemaker, Market Hill Place

(The following information on the genealogy of Ralph Driffill has been kindly supplied by Anna Thomas):

If anyone has further information on the relatives of Ralph Driffill, Anna would be very pleased to receive it - you can send it to Anna via the facility ‘Contact Us’

John Driffill and Hannah ? found on IGI.
Their only known children:
1.Ralph christened 10.9.1826 Paull, died December quarter 1894 
2.Nancy christened 19.7.1830 Paull. No information on Nancy.
Ralph married: 1. Sarah Thompson 11.2.1853 at the Parish Church in Appleby. She died March quarter 1866.
                      2. Letitia Owbridge  June quarter 1867.(She was born in Haxey 1826/27).
Two known children from first marriage to Sarah Thompson:
1. William Driffill born December quarter 1853 Winteringham. Occupation boot and shoe salesman.
2. Edwin Driffill born 6.7.1862 Winteringham.
Edwin married Emily Beedham 6.6.1892 at Jubilee Chapel Spring Bank, Sculcoates (Primitive Methodist). She was born in Whitton 17.10.1867,the daughter of Thomas Beedham an agricultural labourer and Eliza (formerly Spoucer). Edwin and Emily were on the 1901 census, date of deaths not yet known. Edwin was an insurance agent and collector.
Edwin and Emily had 4 children:
1. Harold Driffill born June quarter 1892 in Mexborough.
2. George Arthur Driffill  born March quarter 1895 Mexborough. Died 12.8.1918. Buried Rouen, France.
3. Gladys May Driffill born December quarter 1897 Grimsby.
4. Doris Mabel Driffill born 12.9.1902 Sculcoates. Died 14.9.1966 Altrincham, Cheshire. Married 1926 Herbert Haworth in Hull. They had 3 children:
    1. Ronald Haworth.
    2. Molly Haworth.   
    3. Delia A. Haworth.

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