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Important Winteringham Anniversaries

Here’s some of the important anniversaries coming up in the next few years ....

100th Anniversary
4th April 2017
102 year old former Mayor of Winterinbgham, Edmund Cordeaux died.

700th Anniversary
26th September 2017

Edward II granted a charter for a market and fair to be held at Winteringham, in 1317.

100th Anniversary
6th March 2021

Unveiling of the War Memorial, Gate End

100th Anniversary
26th October 2021

First bus service to Winteringham

100th Anniversary
11th July 2025

Final timetabled passenger train leaves Winteringham Station

100th Anniversary
19th September 2027

WI formed

100th Anniversary
9th July 2028
Opening of Winteringham School


The Great War - 100th anniversaries of Winteringham men killed in action, in date order

George Burkill

Elias W Field

Reginald J Dodds

Charles Howden

Frederick Kirkby*

Frank Brown

William Earl

Albert Green

Harold Dawson**

Joseph Green

John Robinson

Charles Albert Ogg

* I have been unable to verify 100% that this is 'our' Frederick Kirkby, but is the most likely

** Not on our memorial, but a Winteringham-raised man, living at the time in Barton

Were you, or one of your family, one of “our” evacuees?  We’d love to hear from you!

Fascinating Winteringham Photos
many with mysteries attached!
Click any photo for more information

Winteringham men on a night out in Scunthorpe

Winteringham Soldier 3

Winteringham Soldier 1

Winteringham Soldier 2

Winteringham Wedding

Burkills - Four Generations

Martha E Burkill

Sarah Ann Shaw

Winteringham School - families


Winteringham Info Logo - Florrie Nicholson


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Latest Update: 28th October 2016

Alan Frost, Winteringham Stores (at the time they were owned by Arthur Bell)

On this day in Winteringham ....

1794:  Court Roll, Winteringham: Surrender of Edward Brooks of Winteringham, husbandman, and Dinah his wife, to the use of John Barratt of Winteringham, husbandman. All that undivided moiety of 4 cowgates and 1 horse gate in the common pastures called the Marsh, Rotten Sykes, Low Groves and Western Green, belonging to 2 messuages standing together in High Burgage, then or late in the occupation of Joseph Johnston, John Smith, William Bratton, the said Edward Brooks and John Barratt, in Winteringham. Rent: 3d. Fine: 6d. Lord: Robert Smith, esq. Deputy Steward: Nathaniel Main, gent.  See;

1813: Augustus Wardle was drowned in the Humber.  His body was not washed up until 27th October that year, dressed like a sailor.  Unidentified at first, but later identified as Augustus Wardle. Buried the next day.

1890: The Adelaide arrived in Hull, from Winteringham.

1930: Elijah Brumby of West End was lying in Scunthorpe Hospital with a fractured skull.  He had been found early on Saturday 25th October on Sluice Road, apparently having been thrown from his motor cycle when it skidded on the greasy road.



It may be Hull City of Culture 2017, but the same year marks Winteringham’s own historic year - 700 years since the charter awarding a market each Wednesday and an annual fair.  There is now an accurate translation of the charter, and it is intended to have a calligrapher make a copy to be kept in the parish for posterity!  Knights and minstrels are already booked for the event!  Keep an eye on this website, or on the special Winteringham Festival website for further details (click here for the Festival website).

Church coloured 1906 - 525 w

A much larger version of this postcard can be found on the Hi-Res photos site

Arthur Bell's shop 150w
Arthur Bell’s West End Stores
Pat Hatton & Val Peill

Frost Alan 150w
Alan Frost
Val Peill

Rev Denton 150w
Rev Denton Ordained
Marjorie Bratton, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Church coloured 1906 - 150 w
Coloured Post Card of the Church

AFS 150w
AFS Fire Engine
Pat Hatton, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Pensioners Tea Party 150w
Pensioners Teas (2 photos)
Pat Hatton, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Winteringham Fair Swingboats 150w
Winteringham Fair
Pat Hatton, scanned by Ken Jacobs

West Farm 1 - Oggs 150w
West Farm

Church with cattle - 150w
Winteringham Church from North

WCC cap - early fifties - 150w
Winteringham Cricket Club Cap
Andrew Snowdon

FIELD_FW - 150w
EW Field, photos of headstone, cemetery in Algeria, and uniform as preserved
Andrew and Chris Snowdon

Lighthouse shield 150w
Winteringham Lighthouse Shield
Val Peill

Bus Outing
Val Peill

150w - LORNA'S PICTURES350-20150609-225335
Unknown Occasion
Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs

150w - LORNA'S PICTURES FERRY BOAT-20150609-225335
Ferry Boat Inn social
Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Normanby Hall womens meeting 150w
Normanby Hall Event
Val Peill

Peeps round Winteringham - 150w
Peeps Round Winteringham

Porcelain Tank with village Crest
Sandra Clayton, Ken Jacobs

Noel Buxton 150w
Crossing the Humber on Foot
Sandra Clayton, Ken Jacobs, Britain from Above, Chris Snowdon

NOV 14TH 1931 - Remembrance parade - 150w
Remembrance Parade November 1934
Sandra Clayton, scanned by Ken Jacobs

charles albert & harold ogg 150w cropped - auto level
Charles Albert Ogg and his brother Harold Ogg
Elaine Harrison


WWI Roll of Honour 150w
Great War, Roll of Honour
Will Maw, photographed by Ken Jacobs

Auction of Mrs Knowles Furniture etc 1899 - 150w
Auction of “Household Effects” from Rectory 1899
Sandra Clayton

Edmund Cordeaux - 150w
Edmund Cordeaux
Sandra Clayton

150 w -BlackShedMar79-20131223-073251
In the Marsh
John H Bratton

150 w -FerryLane-20140102-082057
In the Snow!
John H Bratton

150 w -WghmChurchAug79-20131223-073254
The Church in August 1979
John H Bratton

150 w -LightShip-20140102-082058
Upper Whitton Lightship
John H Bratton

150 w -LindseyCottages1-20131223-073252
From the Old Railway
John H Bratton

150 w -The Haven sluice gates, 29 March 1979 2988 w-20131223-073252
The Haven
John H Bratton

HavenAsh3 150w
The Haven Ash
Photos from the same spot, 34 years apart!

John H Bratton

Humberforeshore1978 - 150w
The Humber Foreshore
Photos from the same spot, 34 years apart!

John H Bratton

Church from Henry Brumbys Garden - 150w
Church in Spring
Sandra Clayton

3 ladies at school - 150w
Schoolteachers 1960
Sandra Clayton

School Road 1930s
Sandra Clayton, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Great Grandad working at ferriby Cliff - 150w
South Ferriby Cliff Quarry
Val Mercer

School Football team - Champions - 150w
School Football Champs!
Leonard Hunsley, scanned by Sandra Clayton

Mel & Pump 1 150w
Parish Pump Rebuilt
Mel Parish rebuilds pump casing 11th May 2013
Photographs by Ken Jacobs

Cement Factory - Lorries 150w
Eastwoods Cement Factory
Leonard Hunsley, scanned by Sandra Clayton
(includes line-up for Queen, lorry in School Road, and a pay packet for December 1957

SANDRA'S SCHOOL PICS 25th July 1928 - 150w
Winteringham School Photos 1928
Leonard Hunsley, via Sandra Clayton, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Margaret Blanchard milk delivery - 150w
Margaret Blanchard (nee Teal) delivers milk in Scunthorpe
Lorna Tomlinson

150 w -FB4-20130418-214559
Moor and Robson’s deliveries to the Ferry Boat Inn, October 1915
passed on via Lorna Tomlinson

1959 school photo 150w
School Photo 1959
Sandra Clayton

Dinner Staff at Winteringham School 1952 - 150w

School Dinner Staff 1952
Sandra Clayton

School 1977-78 - 150w

School Photo 1978
Sandra Clayton

Margaret Wilson and Marilyn McPhillips 1960 - 150w

School Friends
Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Ferriby Cement Works 150w 15032013

Cement Works
Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Bus - Enterprise and Silver Dawn 150w

Mrs Clarke - conductress on Enterprise and Silver Dawn
Mary Fell

Rose Queen 1959 - 150w

Rose Queen 1959
Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs

z 150 w -VILLAGE PUMP 1977-20130213-093743

Village Pump celebrations 1911 and 1977
Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs

z 150 w -WEST END ABOUT 1964-20130213-093742

Gate End in 1964
Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs

School Photo 1955 - 150w

School Leavers 1955
Courtesy of Sandra Clayton

Football team 1930s - 150w

Football Club, about 1930
Newspaper cutting courtesy of Mary Fell

Mr and Mrs Fred Draper - 150w

Mr and Mrs Draper
Newspaper cutting courtesy of Mary Fell


The Unforgiving River
A page full of Winteringham heroes, and rescues!  Click here

Home guard - stationmaster

Rescues and Heroes
A page full of Winteringham heroes, and rescues!

Oil storage tanks - 150w

When Winteringham lost 100 jobs for 9d!

Bernard Hunsley 150w

Bernard Hunsley
Susanne Nash (Bernard’s daughter)

Jessima Waterlow and her grandmother Jane Anne Slingsby, nee Waddingham - 150w

Jessima Waterlow (left) and her grandmother Jane Anne Slingsby
Mary Fell

Market Hill Postcard - 150w

Market Hill - Post card
Mary Fell

Gate End postcard - 150w

Gate End in the 1930s - Post card
Mary Fell

a 150w -School Photo 1955-20130104-091924

Winteringham School Photos 1950s
Pat Shipp

Rectory 1863 23122012 150w

The Rectory 1863, by Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson)
A “missing” photo comes to light, with thanks to Edward Wakeling

150 w -VAL AT OLD POST OFFICE 1988-20121125-110350

The Old Post Office
Kindly supplied by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

150 w -GROUP OUTSIDE SHOP-20121125-110350

Gate End
Kindly supplied by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

150 w -HAVEN BOATS-20121125-110350

Haven and Boatyard (2 postcards)
Kindly supplied by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

150 w -MULTI VIEW 2-20121125-110350

Two Multi-View Postcards
Kindly supplied by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

National School Plan - 150w

National School - Plan of the School
Drawn to scale by Geoff Greaves, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

National School 150w

National School
Kindly supplied by Mr and Mrs Isherwood, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

Val's Pics TOWLER PLACE-20121102-001624- 150w

Western Green
Kindly supplied by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

Val's Pics REMEMBRANCE DAY-20121102-001624- 150w

Armistice Day Parade c.1925
Kindly supplied by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

Val's Pics West End-20121102-001624- 150w

West End Maltkiln
Kindly supplied by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs


West End Cottages
Kindly supplied by Sandra Clayton, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

Low Burgage Postcard Scan - 150w

Low Burgage 1900s

Winteringham Marriage Register

Burials 1631-1640
Val Peill, Kay Ashberry and Chris Knowles

Boatyard sale - enhanced 150wWinteringham Shipyard for sale!
Kindly supplied by Jane Routh

CHURCH INTERIOR - 150wWinteringham Church decorated for Harvest Festival, 1950s
Kindly supplied by Sandra Clayton
Scanned by Ken Jacobs

1950 SCHOOL PHOTO 150wWinteringham School Photo 1950
Kindly supplied by Sandra Clayton
Scanned by Ken Jacobs

Burkill bottle 150w 11072012

A Winteringham Burkill bottle
Photographed by Ken Jacobs

WINTERINGHAM CHURCH FETE 1973 - 150w Winteringham Church Fete 1973

more ....

WINTERINGHAM DRAMA GROUP C.1950 22 150w Winteringham Drama Group c. 1950

more ....

Postcard of Haven - 1200 dpi 150wPostcard: Haven and Boatyard

more ....

WI say GoodbyeWI say goodbye to Miss Brown and Miss Malone
Mary Fell
more ....

An Edwardian Diary (It’s gone well beyond the Edwardian period now!)
More extracts from a diary of one of the Burkills from Winteringham - now includes extracts from 1904-1933
Val Peill, by courtesy of Kath Smith
more ....


Boys on bikesWinteringham People of the 1930s
Frank Bray - Frank, Aidan and Joan Harrison
Christine Hammond & Chris Snowdon
more ....

Dorothy Bray's WeddingWinteringham Wedding
Dorothy Bray - 1936
Christine Hammond
more ....

Isle of Axholme, and Atalanta drop passengers at WinteringhamScunthorpe Telegraph article about ferries .... and a later correction!
When the Scunthorpe Telegraph reckoned Atalanta and Isle of Axholme were dropping off ferry -passengers at the Haven .... and their correction!
Andrew Snowdon
more ....

Railway article 1949Scunthorpe Telegraph article 1949  
“Wayfarer” article with direct quotes from Mr Yewdall (engineer), Mr S A Freeman (stationmaster at Winterton with Thealby), Mr Walter Brickell (stationmaster at Normanby Park), & Mr Fred Lee (stationmaster at Winteringham & Whitton)
Andrew Snowdon
more ....

Scunthorpe Telegraph article 1979  
Includes some terrific nuggets of historical information from Aidan Harrison!
Andrew Snowdon
more ....

Winteringham Cricket Club badge
Cricket Club Badge
Andrew Snowdon
more ...

NB: The badge is shown well down the page on the Cricket Club page .... just above an article from the Scunthorpe Telegraph that explains its origins!

Mill Sale Winteringham
Mill to be sold - 1829
Val Peill, scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Haven at Low Tide
The Haven at Low Tide
John Kirk
more ...

Aerial photo circa 1960
Aerial Photo circa 1960
John H Bratton
more ...

Paper Cutting
“Dear Sir” - re the Bay Horse
Val Peill, scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

West End and School House Winteringham
West End and School House
Val Peill, scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Burkills at the Nest
Burkills, at “The Nest”
Val Peill, scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Winteringham School 1970s photos
Winteringham School Photos from the 1970s
Val Peill, scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Western Green
Western Green
Val Peill, scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Winteringham CC 1948 Champions
Postcard: School House and Shoemakers Lane
John Kirk
more ...

Winteringham CC 1948 Champions
Champions!  Winteringham Cricket Club 1948
Kindly provided by Jane Harry and scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Cricket bronze badge
Mysterious badge found
Ken Jacobs
more ...

Winteringham Rectory by Freda Rudston Read
Freda Rudston Read’s Winteringham sketches
kindly supplied by John Elverson
more ...

Nelly Robinson
1857 photos of old folk from Winteringham
kindly supplied by John Elverson
more 1 ..., more 2 ..., more 3 ...

Zinteringhq; Rectory 1857
1857 photo of the Rectory
kindly supplied by John Elverson
more ...

Bill Bent
Norries Ark
newspaper cutting supplied by Valerie Mercer
more ...

Winteringham School 1950-1951
Winteringham Primary School 1950-1951
Sandra Clayton
more ...

Pong Shop
Pong Shop, 1979
John H Bratton
more ...

Barges, 1979
John H Bratton
more ...

Pigsties, 1979
John H Bratton
more ...

Steelworks from Winteringham, 1979
John H Bratton
more ...

Winteringham Chapel 1979
The Chapel, 1979
John H Bratton
more ...

Winteringham Church 31-12-1978
The Church, 31st December 1978
John H Bratton
more ...

School House 31-12-1978
The School House, 31st December 1978
John H Bratton
more ...

The Orchard 1979 by John Bratton
The Orchard, 1979
John H Bratton
... more

Thomas Frederick Rudston Read
The family tree of Rev TFR Read - here
Photos of Rev TFR Read - here

Kindly supplied and scanned by John Elverson

Thomas Frederick Rudston Read
The life of Rev Thomas Frederick Rudston Read .... by Rev Thomas Frederick Rudston Read!
Kindly supplied, scanned and transcribed by John Elverson
more ...

Winteringham Primary School 1949
Winteringham Primary School 1949
Sandra Clayton
more ...

Winteringham Primary School 1952
Winteringham Primary School 1952
Leonard Hunsley, scanned by Sandra Clayton
more ...

Winteringham Marriage Register
Burials 1801-1810 ..... abortion, scrophula, burning, declines, and an epidemic of measles amongst the village’s children
Val Peill, Kay Ashberry and Chris Knowles
more ...

Mrs Barratt's Boarding School for Young Ladies
An advert for Mrs Barratt’s Boarding School for Young Ladies
Sandra Clayton
more ...

A request from Sarah:   I have been trying to find out where the original manuscript of Adam's 'Private Thoughts' is located, I know that it was translated and edited from the shorthand journal Adam kept and would very much like the opportunity to see that journal if it still exists. Any information you can give me about this would be extremely useful.

1851 Restoration accounts
Winteringham Church - Accounts for the 1851 Restoration
Sandra Clayton
more ...

William Marmion
Detailed photographs of the Marmion effigy in Winteringham Church
Ken Jacobs
more ...

Light Railway Amendment Order 1913
North Lindsey Light Railway Amendment Order 1913
John Kirk
more ...

Winteringham Post card posted in 1943
Winteringham Postcard, posted 20th September 1943, from Winteringham
John Kirk
more ...

Winteringham Church
Winteringham Church - A poem by Agnes Codling
Sandra Clayton
more ...

Rev Charles Knowles
A photo of Rev Charles Knowles
Sandra Clayton
more ...

Bill Bent
A Soldier’s Tale, Part 3
Valerie Mercer
more ...

Winteringham Church

All headstones from the churchyard for which we have photographs (over 200 of them) are now on the site.  Higher resolution photos are available for most of these.

Winteringham National School
Victorian Boys Names in Winteringham

more ...

Winteringham National School
Victorian Girls Names in Winteringham

more ...

Census Icon
1871 Census Facts and Figures

more ...

Census Icon
1891 Census Facts and Figures

more ...

Kelly's Directory
1933 Directory added

more ...

Winteringham WI
WI Entertain Village Children

Kath Burkill/Christine Hammond
more ...

Temperance Hall, Winteringham
Temperance Hall, Methodist Fundraisers

Kath Burkill/Christine Hammond
more ...

Rose Queen, Winteringham c1960
Rose Queen 1960
Kath Burkill/Christine Hammond
more ...

Seat, Almshouses
A new seat outside Almshouses
Kath Burkill/Christine Hammond
more ...

Summer fete Winteringham
A Summer Fete
Kath Burkill/Christine Hammond
more ...

National Scool about 1928
National School about 1928
Val Peill
more ...

John Foster - Poetry Book
John Foster, Shoemaker & Poet
Sandra Clayton
more ...

Cub Scouts
Cub Scouts and the new tent
Val Peill
more ...

Preparing the Pitch
Winteringham Cricket Club - the Croft
John Kirkby
more ...

Winteringham Cricket Club - the players
Winteringham Cricket Club - the Teams
John Kirkby
more ...

Winteringham Cricket Club Dinners
Winteringham Cricket Club - the Dinners
John Kirkby
more ...

Winteringham Haven
More details of boats built in Winteringham
(plus - “Haven” and “Boatbuilding” pages are now separate ones)
more ...

Captain Dudding, Malta, 1904
Captain Dudding Malta 1904

more ...

Winteringham School Infants Class, 1930s
Winteringham School Infants, 1930s
Valerie Mercer
more ...

Brigg Workhouse
Winteringham Overseers of the Poor expenditure examples 1804-1809
Rex Russell, provided by Sandra Clayton
more ...

Winteringham Sports 1907
Winteringham Sports - the grandstand
Valerie Mercer
more ...

Robert Storry Winteringham Curate
Winteringham Curate - Robert Storry

more ... on the Thomas Adam page (for whom he was curate)

John Foster, Winteringham poet
Winteringham Poet of 18th century rediscovered
(John Foster, or Forster, book published 1797 or 1798)
more ...

Potato Picking, Winteringham, 1940
Winteringham Potato Picking circa 1940
Valerie Mercer
more ...

Spring House Winteringham
Winteringham Spring House
Valerie Mercer
more ...

School Play Winteringham 1957
Winteringham School Play 1957
Katharine Willis
more ...

W J Sutton 1957
Winteringham Cricket Club - “Wayfarer” article August 1957, and the new club badge
Sandra Clayton
more ...

Brigg WorkhouseWinterton Poorhouse
Sandra Clayton and Val Peill
more ...

Note: The picture to the left, supplied by Valerie Mercer, is of Brigg Workhouse which superseded Winterton Workhouse in the late 1830s, and to which Winteringham poor were sent from that time onwards.

Circa 1980 Winteringham School Cheque Presentation
Winteringham Primary School cheque presentation about 1980
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Winteringham WI floats for Winterton Show
More WI Floats for Winterton Show
Christine Hammond

more ...

Winteringham School Staff 50th Anniversary 1978
Winteringham Primary School Staff Photo, for the school’s 50th anniversary in 1978
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Winteringham School, Miss Coggan's Class 1957
Miss Coggan’s Class, 1957
Ann Weatherhogg, scanned by Christine Hammond

more ...

Winteringham WI Float - General Hospital
WI Float for Winterton Show - General Hospital
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Valerie and Helen Bent, West End, Winteringham
In West End, 1958
Valerie Mercer, scanned by Jamie Crowston

more ...

Fancy Dress at the Winteringham Chapel Fete 1958
Fancy Dress at the Chapel Fete, 1958
Valerie Mercer, scanned by Jamie Crowston

more ...

Miss Malone's Class, Winteringham School, 1957
Miss Malone’s Class, 1957
Valerie Mercer, scanned by Jamie Crowston

more ...

Winteringham Haven
The Storm of December 1874 - a poem, by Ann Barratt
from research by Kay Ashberry

more ...

NLLR Opening poster
Poster advertising the opening of the NLLR to Winteringham and West Halton
from research by Flyer Robinson

more ...

James Knott
Winteringham man who fought in Boer War
Chris Butler

more ...

Winteringham WI Float
1970s WI Floats for Winterton Show
Sarah Delisle

more ...

Haven postcard
The Haven
Chris Snowdon

more ...

Spring House
Spring House
Chris Snowdon

more ...

Railway Plans 1905
Railway Extension Plans
Sandra Clayton, scanned by Ken Jacobs
In 1905 plans were made to extend the NLLR to Burton Stather to the west and to Barton to the east.  Thanks to Sandra and Ken we can now see these detailed plans of railways that were never built.
Plan 1  Plan 2  Plan 3

Low Burgage
Low Burgage
Kay Ashberry, scanned by Ken Jacobs

more ...

Almshouses Town End Winteringham
Almshouses, circa 1900
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Marsh Lane
In Marsh Lane
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Winteringham Choir 1950s
Winteringham Choir 1950s
Sandra Clayton & Val Peill

more ...

Charles PeaceThe most infamous Victorian Villain was arrested by
A Winteringham National Hero!

The amazing story of PC Edward Robinson, and the villain Charles Peace.  Click here

Maurice Ogg as a young boyBritish Library:Old Folk Songs, sung by Winteringham’s Maurice Ogg, with some learned from other Winteringham people.  Click here

A song called “Air for Maurice Ogg” can be heard on YouTube here.

Winteringham Harvest Home
Winteringham Harvest Home 1862 poster
Sandra Clayton & Val Peill

more ...

National School Announcement 1845
Winteringham National School Announcement
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Katharine and Peter Willis and Margaret Potts
Manor Farm Childhood - Latest Story... “One summer school day”
Katharine Willis

more ...

Rodeo Poem
The Winteringham Rodeo
by Vera Jollands, supplied by Val Peill

more ...

Arthur Teal
Winteringham featured in the Lincolnshire Times 1961
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Z G Yewdall
Z G Yewdall, a man who made his mark on Winteringham!
Charles Parker

more ...

Catalogue page
Manor Farm sale catalogue 1958
Katharine Willis

more ...

Farm Sale icon
The Farm Sale when the Horses were named!
Sandra Clayton

more ...

Manor Farmworkers
Manor Farm photographs
Katharine Willis

more ...

Katharine and Peter Willis, with Margaret Potts
Manor Farm Dairy Cattle
Katharine Willis

more ...

Winteringham School 1950s
Winteringham School Group, 1950s
Katharine Willis

more ...

The Brown familyThe Brown Family
Beverley Lucas

more ...

Cottage in West End, WinteringhamCottage in West End (now demolished)
A beautiful summer day in West End, and enjoying the sun is Mrs Barber.

Photograph supplied by the Barber family, Sandra Clayton and Val Peill
more ...

Christmas Party National School WinteringhamOld folks Christmas Party
The oldest man and oldest woman in the village pull a cracker for the camera in this 1950s photo

Photograph supplied by Sandra Clayton and Val Peill
more ...

At Cleethorpes swimming poolTo the seaside
Off to Cleethorpes in the mid-fifties with the Chapel, and what better way to cool off than at the Cleethorpes Open-air Swimming Pool?

Photograph supplied by Sandra Clayton and Val Peill
more ...

Winteringham Temperance HallTemperance Hall in the 1930s
The latest pic on the site is the Temperance Hall, supplied by Marjorie Bratton, and scanned by Ken
more ...

Local mapMap - showing railways that were never built!
Here’s a map from Flyer that his grandad used for planning his bike rides ... which includes the Winteringham to Barton, and Whitton to Alkborough railways!  Also the main road is shown as Ermine Street to Winterton, then Winteringham Road to Mere Crossroads!
more ...

Alf Simons potato clampingPotato clamping
Alf Simons prepares a potato clamp - one of the latest newspaper cuttings, which also include the Bay Horse and the village pump, supplied by Mary Fell
more ...

Pals 1933When horses ruled the farm ...
Mary Fell’s father-in-law poses with a pair of horses as he ploughs a field in 1933
more ...

High Burgage and CowsHigh Burgage
Chris Snowdon

more ...

Cliff Road 1950s Cliff Road in the 1950s
Julie Armstrong

more ...

Church Postcard Church Postcard
Chris Snowdon

more ...

Maurice BellMaurice Bell’s Croix de Guerre

Val Peill and Sandra Clayton

more ...

Fair Poster 1907 Winteringham Sports and Fair, July 1907
All the details of the events from a poster of the time!

Val Peill and Sandra Clayton

more ...

1851 Guest at the Bay Horse Who is this guest at the Bay Horse in 1851?
... and why do we owe him a debt of gratitude from then?

Linda Griffiths explains all ...

Charles William Burkill's handwriting exerciseHandwriting from the 19th century
Mary Fell has sent us some handwriting by Charles William Burkill, from 1860, and from Mary Jane Robinson from 1871.
more ...

Winteringham Pong Shop“The Pong Shop”
Ken Jacobs
Ken has recorded Winteringham’s iconic Pong Shop for posterity
more ...

West End Winteringham“New” postcard of West End
Les Burkill provides us with a wonderful winter view of West End.  Kindly scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

High Burgage WinteringhamThree “New” postcards of High Burgage
Les Burkill provides us with wonderful views of the Ferry Boat Inn, the Primitive Chapel and Edwin Bray’s shop in old postcards of High Burgage.  Kindly scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Winteringham Marriage RegisterRose/Waddingham Family Research
Sue Kerrawn is looking for people who may be researching the Rose - Waddingham families of Winteringham
more ...

Ralph HarrisonRalph Harrison - the man who handled 1 million a month
Our “latest” newspaper cutting!
more ...

Sir Thomas LiptonWhat has a postcard of Sir Thomas Lipton to do with Winteringham?
Strangely ... possibly the best weekend ever in the village!
more ...

Low Burgage Post CardLow Burgage Postcard
Looking north from Gate End
more ...

Old Barn, Ferry Lane WinteringhamFerry Lane Barn
Ken was invited to record all aspects of the barn in Ferry Road shortly before demolition ...
more ...
Demolition Pictures

National SchoolNational School Interior
The inside of the National School, when it was used as a village events venue
more ...

West End Boys
West End Boys
Kindly supplied by Marjorie Bratton and scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Winteringham Football Team 1946
Football Team 1946
Kindly supplied by Val Peill and scanned by Ken Jacobs
more ...

Winteringham School Group 1960
School Groups from 1955 & 1960, Sports Day 1974
Two more School Group photos added, courtesy of David Hatton, named by Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs
1955 School Group
1960 School Group
1974 Sports Day

CoOp van in High Burgage
Latest Old Photos and Post Cards!
More photos and postcards from Marjorie Bratton, scanned by Ken Jacobs
The Co-op Butcher’s van in High Burgage
The Haven

HMS Vanity - Winteringham's Warhip
HMS Vanity - Winteringham’s Warship
HMS Vanity was adopted by Winteringham in Warship Week 1941.  The son of the radar operator on the ship has now got in touch to try to find out more about “our” ship.
more ...

Brumby Family
Mary Brumby’s Fantastic Maths Books
When Mary Brumby was working out her maths, and shopping lists, little could she have known how intriguing they would be 95 years later ... or that her work would be visible to people round the globe!
shopping lists; maths

School Road Winteringham in the 1950s
School Road Winteringham in the 1950s, looking north
Our latest photograph, from Geoff Greaves and Ken Jacobs

Winteringham Intermediate football team
Can you name any of the Winteringham intermediate football team from 1946-7?
Rol Button names the lot!

Planting a tree at the schoolPhotos of the 1970s & 1980s
Vicky Cameron, who lived in Western Green in the 1970s & 1980s, has noticed that we have few photos from that era on the websites. There must be many photos from those years that would be of interest to Vicky, and all our visitors. Have you any that we could have on the site?  You’d make Vicky’s day!

Flyer Robinson at Winteringham 6
‘A Winteringham Boyhood’
The latest reminscences of a Winteringham boyhood in the 1950s and 60s by Flyer Robinson  more...

The Swell
Whatever happened to the “Swell”
No-one seemed to know what had happened to this beautiful steam drifter built at Winteringham - until Flyer did some research...


George William Green
The Green Brothers
by Patricia Green

The tragic story of the Silver Street family who lost two brothers in the Great War, and a third brother became a prisoner of war ...

Winteringham section, Lincolnshire Times 18th June 1949
‘Lincolnshire Times 1949’
by John Kirk

When my aunt gave me my grandfather’s chest, look what was inside!

Robert Bratton born in Winteringham 1846
Robert Bratton
Tina Veall

Tina’s photo of Robert Bratton, has now been added to the “Bratton” page with further details

Dinah Shaw
‘More Burkill photographs - Dinah Shaw’
by John Bosnell


Tracks and waggons at Winteringham
‘David Harrison’s Winteringham memories’
David remembers Jim Sewell, an invitation onto the footplate of an engine at Winteringham Station, and playing cricket in the Croft ...  more...

Percy Hall
Percy Hall
Mary Fell
Mary remembers Percy Hall and his brother Reginald who was killed during the Second World War.

Frank Brown headstone Bailleul France
Frank Brown information
Pamela Jean Sellers, grand daughter of Maud Brown
We had no information on Winteringham soldier Frank Brown, a fallen hero of the Great War.  Until Pam Sellers contacted us  ...

Winteringham Church postcard
Beautiful Church postcard added
A wonderful post card of Winteringham Church featuring 4 villagers ...

Ferry Lane
‘That Reminds Me! ... 2’
Memories of Old Winteringham stirred by some of Ken’s modern photographs

Ferry Boat Inn Winteringham
19th Century Poem about the Ferry Boat ...
The bells ... the bells ...

NLLR Directors Report 1919
‘NLLR Directors Report for AGM 1920’
The accounts, railways owned and projected etc for the NLLR in 1919, for the AGM of 1920
by kind permission of

NLLR letter from Winteringham, 1909
‘A letter from Winteringham Station...’
It’s 1909, and Zachariah Yewdall writes to Sam Fay, General Manager of the Great Central...  by kind permission of

Orchard Close
‘That Reminds Me!’
Memories of Old Winteringham stirred by some of Ken’s modern photographs

Neuf Marche wayside chapel
A 300 year-old mystery
Dr Stukely posed us a Winteringham mystery almost 300 years ago ... To what was he referring?  Where in Winteringham was it?


Winteringham Church from the Hill
The Church from the Hill
Our latest acquisition of old postcards


Spencer Wedding
The Spencer family of Winteringham & Winterton

Jill Floyd

Herbert Porkess
Herbert Porkess
A photo of this Winteringham gentleman
Chris Snowdon

Homes and Haunts of Henry Kirke White
‘Homes and Haunts of Henry Kirke White’
Scans of the “Winteringham” pages of this book, published in 1908
scans of the pages (not searchable for words)
transcriptions of the pages (searchable for words)

Winteringham School Canteen
‘Dining in’
A well-loved building in Winteringham holds fascinating memories ... is one of them your’s?

Winteringham Cricket ClubBrocklesby enquire after our cricket scorebooks
Richard Bedwell on behalf of Brocklesby Cricket Club, would be interested in scorebooks of games between Winteringham and Brocklesby, especially pre-1948.  If you know the whereabouts of ANY of the Winteringham scorebooks, please contact us.

Brocklesby Park CC site

Walnut Farm Cottage Well
’Well, Well, Well!’
A well is discovered at Walnut Farm Cottage as the roof is completed...

Cartwheel Penny
Will this Cartwheel Penny forever hold its Winteringham secret?

Cleethorpes Pier
’Flyer’s Family Album of days out in Cleethorpes’
left: When the UK’s current shortest seaside pier, was almost a quarter of a mile long!

Old Boot from Walnut Farm Winteringham
Walnut Farm renovation - latest ...

NOW ... More information on the boot!  Update!
more ...

Winteringham Warehouse
Looking for Grasby, or Grassby information
Fay Colmer is looking for information about the Grasby, or Grassby family of Winteringham.  Can you help?
Contact Us

Winteringham Video Archive
Low Burgage & the Haven 1970 - film

See Low Burgage still with Maltkiln, weighbridge Office, railway gates, the Warehouse, ... and the Haven with the remnants of the Railway Wharf ... all from almost 40 years ago!

The Anson
Winteringham’s Transported Convicts
Marlene Walters
Marlene has sent us more details of the unfortunate Winteringham men who were transported to the other side of the world

Lincolnshire YeomanryPostcard of the Lincolnshire Yeomanry, featuring, and sent by, a Winteringham War Hero 100 years ago
Andrew Snowdon & Aidan Harrison
For details of Elias William Field, click here

Elias W Field Winteringham Soldier of the Great War
Winteringham War Hero, from the Ferry Boat Inn
Andrew Snowdon & Aidan Harrison
Photos of Elias William Field, one of the men commemorated on the Winteringham War Memorial

Winteringham Cricket Club
Winteringham Cricket Club Photos
Andrew Snowdon & Aidan Harrison
The Winteringham Cricket Club team in its cup-winning heyday!

Winteringham Home Guard
More names added
Andrew Snowdon
Andrew names this Winteringham Railwayman in the Home Guard photo, provides us with a date and further names for the football team photo, and spots his mother and uncle in the National School photos.

Winteringham Church from West
High detail postcard added
We have a new version of this postcard on the site, showing Winteringham Church from the West.

Winteringham Railway at War
Winteringham Railway at War
Chris Snowdon
What was the role of the railway at Winteringham during the Second World War.  Chris reveals all - or almost all!

Winteringham Stationmaster's House
Winteringham Stationmaster’s House
Flyer Robinson
Flyer describes in great detail the stationmaster’s house as he knew it in the 1950s.  A wonderful description of every part of the house and gardens!

Winteringham Marriage Register
Looking for Gunson information
Alan Gunson is looking for specific information about the Gunson family of Winteringham.  Can you help?

Winteringham Earlsgate Farm Postcard
Earlsgate Farm Postcard
Supplied by Harry Wells
Harry provides us with this view of West End in yesteryear

Bernard Hunsely
Final Resting Place of Winteringham Hero
We believe this to be the final resting place of Bernard Hunsley from the Winteringham War Memorial.

Winteringham Railway in Operation
Winteringham Railway in Everyday Operation
by Ken Jacobs, and Mrs Corney
A fantastic photo showing the Winteringham line as it was when passenger trains still ran.

Winteringham Station
Lazarus the Rabbit and I - both in a stew!
by Chris Snowdon
We’re looking for personal memories of the railway at Winteringham.  Do you have memories relating to our railway?

Low Burgage Winteringham
affectionately remembered by Kathleen Phillips

Ogg Research
Ogg Family Genealogy...
Research by Elaine Harrison (Ogg) on the Ogg framily of Winteringham


Parish Registers
Frow Researchers...
Carol Rollin is looking for other researchers into the Frow family of Winteringham, Winterton and Appleby.


Elias William Field PlaquePlaque Commemorating Elias William Field
Chris and Andrew Snowdon reveal plaque to Winteringham Great War hero.


Herbert PorkessHerbert Porkess, a Winteringham Character
affectionately remembered by Chris Snowdon.  Now updated with information from Roger Porkess.

Winteringham Ann Barratt's Poem Side 1Winteringham poem “comes home”
Poem written by Winteringham’s Ann Barratt to Queen Victoria


Bonnie looks for Winteringham Sutton information ...

Mists of War 1917
Winteringham war hero killed after order cancelling attack fails to come through ...

Meggitt Cottage, WinteringhamMeggitt Cottage
Thanks to Val Peill and a member of the Ladley family, we now have a photograph of Meggitt Lane Cottage ...


Dick Turpin
His Winteringham connections ...

Lewis Carroll
The missing Winteringham photos from the man who wrote Alice in Wonderland ...

Railway Wharf 1965Fire!
Chris Snowdon almost made a fortune helping to put out a fire at Winteringham Haven ...


Winterton SchoolHappy Days
Are you on Flyer Robinson’s school photo?


Winteringham, Stanley Routh Winteringham in the Twenties
Stanley Routh’s account of the village eighty years ago.


Triple yolk eggWinteringham Recipe for Sunday Breakfast...
Chris Snowdon’s whimsical recipe for a classic Winteringham Sunday breakfast back in the fifites ... including instructions about the ‘divi’ at the Co-op! (Parish Council site)


in October Days of

October 1st 1843
HMS Anson sets sail for Australia with 499 convicts for transportation, including Winteringham's John Button;

October 1st 1862
Harvest Home - (See poster on History site - in Church section)

October 1st 1906
The village Reading Room opened for the first time.  It had been the "Free Hall" (in Low Burgage), but after repairs and changes paid for by Lord Carrington, the villagers had decided that a Reading Room was what it should become, with a minimum age of 16 years for users.

October 1st 1951
Freight trains to Winteringham cease;

October 1st 2006
Rev Alison Pledger leads the Harvest Holy Communion in the Church

October 2nd 1867
Harvest Home (as reported in Stamford Mercury on 11th Oct). A procession started at the Post Office to the Church.  Afterwards dinner was served for about 600 people in a barn belonging to Edward Burkill, and in the afternoon the gardens and grounds of the Rectory were opened to the public for rustic sports and dancing, and a musical entertainment in the evening!

October 2nd 1883
An inquest was held at the Bay Horse before Mr Bladon, deputy coroner, on the body of Robert Hammond, which had been found near Winteringham.  He was about 14 years old, and based on HM Training ship "Southampton" which was lying in the Humber.  He was returning to the ship in a barge, after rowing practice, when it collided with another boat just as Robert was rising from his seat, and he was thrown overboard.  Despite efforts to locate him and rescue him, he never rose to the surface.  The verdict was "Accidentally drowned."  A photograph of the Southampton may be seen here, as it was being towed to be broken up:

October 2nd 1885
Walter Bell was summoned by Henry Grasby for wilful damage to a wall by pushing off the coping stones and breaking them on Sunday 20th September.  Fined 20s, 28s 6d costs and 10s damage.  28 days imprisonment if failure to pay.

October 2nd 1891
William Mumby, labourer, was ordered to pay 11s 6d damages and costs for stealing plums valued at 1s 6d from Rev C Knowles.

October 2nd 1891
J W Robinson advertised for a young man as "Improver" for his wheelwright's business.

October 2nd 1905
New mill started grinding.

October 2nd 1907
A Scunthorpe man pleaded guilty to stealing the lamp off the bicycle of Dora Barley.  He was committed to prison for 14 days.

October 3rd 1828
A notice appeared in the Stamford Mercury, asking all people who had claims on the estate of Ralph Shaw, farmer and miller of Althorpe and Winteringham, or those indebted to his estate, to settle by delivering their accounts to James Shaw, farmer of Winteringham who was the executor.

October 3rd 1866
See page on History site describing the Harvest Home (Harvest Festival)

October 3rd 1884
Arthur Pocklington summoned Alfred Burkitt for assaulting him in church on 21st September.  When Mr Pocklington was in church, the defendant told him to give up his pew for him, and when he didn't Mr Burkitt hit him in the eye!  Fined 10s and costs.

October 3rd 1884
The Stamford Mercury reported that in future, letters that had been served from Brigg, must in future be addressed "near Doncaster."  This applied to all the villages local to Winteringham, as well as Winteringham itself.

October 4th 1536
Robert Aske crossed from Yorkshire to Barton on Humber, and hearing of the Pilgrimage of Grace tried unsuccessfully to return via the Winteringham Ferry.

October 4th 1808
A freehold "estate" extending to 160 acres, and under the tenancy of William Tomlinson and Matthew Peacock was the subject of a for sale notice in the Hull Packet.  It added that a considerable part of the land was suitable for the growth of flax and hemp.

October 4th 1861
At Winterton Petty Sessions; James Harrison was charged with being drunk and riotous at Winteringham on 25th September.  William Parker (the Ferry House Inn) asked Mr Harrison to leave but he refused and abused the publican.  Superintendent Ashlin happened to go in and ordered the drunk home.  Fined 2s 6d and 17s 6d costs or 14 says imprisonment.

October 5th 1780
At the house of Mr Bell, "Innholder" arable and pasture lands in Winterton, and also a dwelling house, farmyard, garden and croft in Winteringham, with common-rights for four cows and one horse; and another house with the same common rights.  They were currently in the tenures of John Jobson and William Grassby.

October 5th 1810
When 4 year old Mary Lawtey died of measles, she was the first of five children to die from it that month - including her infant brother 10 days later.  2 more children died in November and December.

October 5th 1910
Eel Regret This!
Joseph Robinson and Edward Button were charged by Charles Robinson - all Winteringham fishermen - of stealing or damaging 12 eel hives.  The two former were fined 2s 6d, plus costs.

October 5th 1916
Reginald John Dodds, killed in action, the son of John and Mary Dodds, of 23, Low Street, Winterton, and native of Winteringham.  Aged 23. He was Private 36893 in the 6th Battalion the Royal Berkshire Regiment. Buried in Bray Vale British Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme.

October 6th 1848
The John o' Groat Journal quoted Thomas Adam, who had said that "Half of our virtue was owing to our being out of the way of temptation."

October 6th 1909
Thomas Brumby was summoned for paying wages in a public-house, contrary to the Truck Act.  The men had been threshing, and he did not have enough change.  When he went to the public-house to get some change, the men were there so he paid them, he said.  He was fined 1s, with 10s costs.  The defendant commented that he thought this "Rather heavy."  In the same court, Charles Porkess was fined 5s for being drunk on licensed premises, after PC Hubbard had seen the landlady struggling to get him off the premises.

October 6th 1916
Bill Earl went to France (Soldier of Great War);

October 7th 1623
Thomas Rainbowe was instituted to the Parsonage of Winteringham;

October 7th 1667
Widow Isabel Browne's probate inventory included a table and just one chair, and a few animals including 3 hens and a cock worth 1 shilling and sixpence, with 3 cows and a heifer being the highest valued animals at 4.

October 7th 1859
The overseers of the poor of Winteringham applied for an order of ejectment against Mary Jackson, a tenant of a parish house in Winteringham.

October 7th 1864
Wardle v Pearson  Mr Wardle made a claim for almost 20 for coals supplied and money loaned to Mr Pearson to begin his brickmaking business at Winteringham.  The money owed was to be paid in bricks at the rate of 17s per 1000.  However, when the price of coal was raised to him, the defendant raised the price of his bricks.  The court decided that the money owed should be paid in full.

October 7th 1907
When a well was being sunk at Manor House farm, a seam of coal was found at 16 feet below the surface.  The coal burned brightly when used later on the fire!

October 7th 1909
Thomas Brumby was summoned for paying wages in a public house.  He pleaded guilty and denied ignorance of the truck act.  The men had been threshing for him, and as he hadn't enough change to pay them he went to the inn to get it.  The men being in there, he paid them.  He was fined 1s with 10s costs.  The defendant commented that this was rather heavy!

October 7th 1948
Mr Oldridge of Hull offered a warehouse "close to rail and water" for sale for 3,000.  It had two floors.

October 8th 1877
Very high tide

October 8th 1914
Harry Clarke born, and given the middle name "Louvain" after a town in Belgium which had recently been 'sacked' by the Germans.  This gives an insight to the reactions of Winteringham people to the First World War.  Video footage can be seen of Louvain in WWI here.  Louvain has an alternative spelling: Leuven, and is the “home” of the Stella Artois brewery.

October 8th 1938
Diarist: Got our gas masks

October 9th 1896
Diocesan Board of Education made a school-desk grant of 2, and a maintenance grant of 5 to the National School.

October 9th 1905
Diarist: Working overtime at the new mill.

October 9th 1919
The Brigg Rural Council very gratefully accepted the offer of the Marquis of Lincolnshire to secure an acre of land at Winteringham for just 1.  There would be eight houses erected, to help solve the housing problem in the locality.

October 10th 1749
The Winteringham Town jury fined the following people: Jane Watson, for her geese trespassing in the Cornfield (1 shilling); and Charles Sewell for overstocking the Groves contrary to custom (6s 8d)

October 10th 1871
Drawings and description of tombslabs (see history site - Church).

October 10th 1873
Lord Carrington was to build more labourers' cottages in many of his parishes, especially in the South of Lincolnshire, but also in Winteringham.

October 10th 1878
At 2 am PC Edward Robinson, a native of Winteringham, but a policeman in London, captured a notorious murderer and burglar called Charles Peace, despite Peace aiming five shots at him, and Edward being wounded.  Peace was eventually executed for his crimes at Armley Prison Leeds by William Marwood, the hangman from Horncastle, Lincs.

October 10th 1934
Whilst on a mission of mercy, Arthur Ellis was drowned.  He was mate of the sloop "Swinefleet" when his skipper was taken ill on the Yorkshire side of the river.  He put the skipper in the cob boat and set off to Winteringham to see a doctor.  Later the tug Cawood took them in tow, but when it changed course, the cob boat overturned.  The skipper was rescued, but Arthur Ellis wasn't seen again.

October 11th 1657
The probate inventory made this day for William Becke, tanner, revealed that among many other items, he owned a mare and four cows, valued at ten pounds, six and eightpence, and two hatchets which were grouped with other sundry items all valued at 2 shillings

October 12th 1711
From the Quaker Minute Book: At this our Monthly Meeting a paper of condemnation is drawn up & signed against Mary Champion of Winteringham, being guilty of that hainous sin of stealing, to be sent to their Meeting to be there read & published where the crime was committed.

October 12th 1795
Estimates and proposals for cutting a new drain

October 12th 1838
The Stamford Mercury pointed out the riches of Lincolnshire clergy, including Rev Francis Swan.  The Mercury claimed that he counted as one of the "working clergy" solely for his weekly duty in his own church of St Benedict in Lincoln, at about 90 pa, but also supplemented by "Queen Anne's Bounty" and some other moneys intended for the poor.  He had been given the living of Kirton by the Mercer's Company of London in 1785, valued at 306 (less 98 for a curate), but his acquaintances claimed he had more than 300 clear from Kirton.  Winteringham "one of the best things in Lincolnshire" gives him 676 in the Commissioners books, but the more likely figure would be 700-800 from Winteringham!

October 12th 1907
Seam of coal found

October 12th 1907
E Bray sought a brass-mounted harness to suit a 14 hands cob.

October 12th 1907
The Humber Conservancy have informed the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway that they don't recognise any statutory power or legal right to execute their proposed works at Winteringham, but would be prepared to accept any application.

October 12th 1908
Mrs Bray advertised for a young girl as general servant, about 16, "character required."

October 13th 1831 and 1836
(Rev) Charles Knowles born.  He was to become Rector of Winteringham for 33 years until his death in 1898. 1836: Charles Knowles future wife born exactly 5 years after the birth of her future husband!  (Lavinia Margaret)

October 13th 1905
The Court Leet and Court Baron were held at the Bay Horse.  The court adjourned to inspect Meggitt Lane, the ownership of which was under dispute.  The Burgage Jury elected a mayor for the ensuing year - Edmund Cordeaux being re-elected.

October 13th 1930
Scunthorpe Policeman's View on Marriage
There was an amusing passage of words at Scunthorpe Police Court on Monday [13th October] between a man summoned for using obscene language and the policeman giving evidence against him.
The defendant, William Arnfield, of Winteringham, replied to PC Cherriman's allegation that he was swearing loudly at his wife by asking, "Do you ever have any bother with your missus?"
Mr Talbot Cliff (the chairman): Answer him Cherriman.
PC Cherriman (blushing): Well I should think everyone has at times, but I don't swear at her.
Arnfield: It is evident you will be applying for the Flitch.
The Chairman: Perhaps he does occasionally have words with his wife, but he does not use obscene language.
Arnfield: I don't know about that; I know he does.
Supt Hutchinson: Well, he is not charged with it today.
Arnfield, who used the language complained of in his caravan, was fined 7s 6d.  A previous fine of 15s for a similar offence had not been paid, and he was given three weeks to pay both fines.

October 14th 1865
Rev Rudston Read advertised for a curate for just six weeks, starting on the first Sunday in November, at the annual stipend of 120 a year.

October 14th 1882
A NEW FISHING SMACK. - Messrs Routh and Waddingham have just completed a fishing-smack for Messrs Crouther and Son, smackowners, of Grimsby, which is considered by judges to be a splendid model of that class of vessel.  It is arranged for the launch to take place on Saturday, the 14th inst., at 8 a.m., weather and tide permitting, when no doubt a considerable number of visitors will be present.

October 15th 1791
Sale of Earl of Scarborough's Estate.  The first day saw about 1,454 acres sold for a total of 73,900;

October 15th 1802
Advert in Stamford Mercury for a Schoolmaster;

October 15th 1926
Harriett Grassby died at 154, Belvoir Street, Hull, aged 76.  She had lived at the Rookery in Winteringham previously.
October 16th 1750
Winteringham's Town Jury fined Joseph Waddingham one shilling for his ducks trespassing in the Town Well.

October 16th 1821
George and Thomas Waddingham, boatbuilders, assigned all their personal estate and effects to Benjamin Brown of Winteringham, miller, and Henry King of Hull, ironmonger, in trust for the equal benefit of their joint and separate creditors.

October 16th 1905
Court Leet and Court Baron were held at the Bay Horse Inn.  The Burgage Jury was Messrs G Brumby, E Cordeaux, C Porkess, H Waddingham, G Slingsby, G Beacock, P Lowson, J Goodman, J Crawford, R Patrick, G Clayton, & J Hewitt.  The Town jury was J Sewell, H Sutton, J Dodds, W Howden, W W Sutton, G Pickersgill, T Robinson, S Leaberry, H Burkill, W Brumby, R Harrison, & T Barratt.  The Court adjourned to Meggitt's Lane, the ownership of which is under dispute.  The Burgage jury elected a mayor for the ensuing year, Mr E Cordeaux being re-elected.  J Sewell and W W Sutton were appointed Carr gravers.

October 16th 1910
The SS Emden of Goole ran ashore at Winteringham, with a cargo of 78 horses for Antwerp.  Unsuccessful efforts were made to get her off on the evening tide.

October 16th 1923
Court Leet at Bay Horse.

October 17th 1791
Second day of the sale of the Earl of Scarbrough's Winteringham Estate raised a further 10,090 from the sale of 170 acres, plus a shop and numerous cottages, cowhouses and stables.

October 17th 1887
The extensive malting works of Mr Grassby, Horton-road [Ed: unable to work out where is meant] Winteringham, North Lincolnshire, were destroyed by fire.  The damage, about 5,000 is partly covered by insurance.  Two workmen on the top floor narrowly escaped with their lives, and had to be lowered from the upper storey on the pulley chain.

October 17th 1889
The Clara arrived in Grimsby Docks, light, from Winteringham.

October 17th 1890
William Reynolds advertised a house and shop with large garden was to let, being "a good opportunity for an energetic man in the grocery and drapery business."  [Ed: I believe this was the shop last run by Arthur Teal in West End]

October 17th 1910
The SS Emden, with 78 horses bound for Antwerp from Goole, got off Winteringham foreshore and continued her journey.

October 17th 1926
Cox cowshed on fire

October 18th 1791
The third day of the sale saw a further 3,500 raised, bringing the total sale proceedings to 86,875!

October 18th 1838
Rev Moxon married Isabella Gibson, daughter of a Hull ship builder.

October 18th 1845
An advert for a schoolmaster was placed by Rev TFR Read.  He must be accustomed to the National System of Education, a salary of 50 a year was offered, but at present there was no school house.  Testimonials from clergymen were to accompany the application, and a knowledge of singing was indispensable.

October 18th 1892
W J Bates advertised a keel for sale with stores, sails &c. in working order.  Currently lying in Winteringham Haven.

October 18th 1906
It was reported that Miss Ellis, late mistress of Riby National School, had been appointed to replace Miss Brunt who had resigned.  There were eight applicants for the post.

October 18th 1906
Miss Elizabeth Goodworth, daughter of the late Dr Goodworth of Winteringham, married Dr Jamieson, Demonstrator of Anatomy at Leeds University.  The bride was given away by Surgeon Dudding, RN.  A "merry peal" rang out from Winteringham Church bells as the couple left the church to go to the reception in Silver Street, and the couple honeymooned in London.

October 18th 1919
The trading steamer Clara on route between Antwerp and Goole came upon the Aimwell (built at Winteringham Shipyard) near the Dungeon Lightship, she was sitting low in the water.  The mate and two sailors from the Clara boarded her .... to discover there was no-one on board!  The Clara searched for any sign of the crew over a large distance of sea around the vessel, but found no-one!  She then took the Aimwell in tow, despite the leak in the old ketch, but after 10 or 11 sea-miles the Aimwell suddenly keeled over and sank, leaving the Clara forced to cut the heavy tow rope.

October 19th 1806
Henry Kirke White died in his rooms in Cambridge

October 19th 1831
Mayflower arrived in Boston from Winteringham (No, not THAT Mayflower!!)

October 19th 1870
Thomas Jarvis and Walter Robinson were summoned by PC Christopher for letting off fireworks on the highway on the 15th.  They were fined 6d, with 6s 6d costs.

October 20th 1804
Henry Kirke White wrote the following letter to Kirke Swann:
We are safely arrived, and comfortably settled in the parsonage at Winteringham.  The house is most delightfully situated close by the church, at a distance from the village, and with delightful gardens behind and the Humber before.  The family is very agreeable, and the style in which we live is very superior.  Our tutor is not only a learned man, but the best pastor, and most pleasant domestic man, I have ever met with.

October 20th 1843
Thomas Kelsey (19) charged with stealing a purse containing seven sovereigns, four half crowns, and some small silver coins, the property of William Smith.  Guilty.  Six months hard labour.

October 20th 1887
Harvest Thanksgiving held in All Saints Church.  Rev Dalton of Gunhouse preached the "able" sermon to a large congregation.  The offertory was for the benefit of Hull Royal Infirmary.

October 20th 1898
A nearly new Dog Cart, of varnished natural wood was offered for sale by Wray of Winteringham.  A phaeton in very good condition was also offered.

October 20th 1909
Herbert Day appeared in court charged with poaching.  PC Hubbard detailed following him in the direction of the Marsh, then towards Whitton, and back again.  The defendant stated that some partridges got up in front of him, but he didn't shoot at them .... the only "game" he got was a starling!  Case dismissed.

October 21st 1836
On this date in 1836, 42 year old Charles Johnson of Winteringham was found guilty at Lindsey Quarter Sessions, and sentenced to 7 years transportation to New South Wales, Australia.  He was transported aboard the "James Pattison" the following year.

October 22nd 1828
Winteringham Mill was sold.  Described as a brick-built smock corn mill, it had five floors, regulating sails, 63 pairs of stones, 2 cylinders, a corn screen, a bolting mill.  Also included were Mill House, a granary, meal shop, stabling for 8 horses, cow-house, cart shed, piggery, garden, and yard.  They were lately owned by Ralph Shaw, deceased.

October 22nd 1847
(from the Hull Packet): Mill Street Chapel, by the Rev John Bywater, the Rev. David Ingham, Primitive Methodist Minister of Hull, to Miss Susanna Driffill of Winteringham.

October 22nd 1858
At a meeting of the Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education held a few days ago, 5 was granted towards the erection of a class-room for 80 children, at Winteringham.

October 22nd 1858
The season for cricket and other outdoor pursuits being over, it was thought desirable that a Reading Society be formed, and that "our more opulent neighbours" might contribute a few books and newspapers.

October 22nd 1907
At a meeting at the Temperance Hall, Sir Berkeley Sheffield, MP, stated that the dock scheme for Winteringham Haven was "not dead" - but he could give no further details as these would reveal private matters.

October 22nd 1909
Court Leet, Court Baron, and Customary Court of Lord Carrington were held at the Bay Horse at noon.

October 23rd 1674
New bye-laws were introduced "for the settling the peace and quiet.  These were:
That every occupier of every messuage, cottage or toft shall be allowed to have common of pasture in Wintringham Marsh, Rotten-sikes, low Groves and Western Green for four cows, or other beasts as long as they are not steers above two years old, and for one horse, mare and gelding and no more.  If a person has more than one house or toft in his own hands then he shall keep no more than one horse in the pastures but a beast instead of the horse.
If an occupier of a messuage, cottage and toft is not able or does not want to stock the common with is own beasts or horse then he may let his beastgates, plus the right to have another beast but no horse, to any other person or dweller in Winteringham.

October 23rd 1878
Burkill properties in Winteringham sold by auction at the Bay Horse - including Maltkiln, houses, cottages, fields, businesses, etc.

October 23rd 1927
The new rector - Rev Upton - preached in church for first time

October 24th 1739
Winteringham's Town Jury fined these people: Michael Pickersgill for his Composition fence being defective (1 shilling); John Dent for his mare trespassing in the Cornfield (1 shilling); Thomas Bell for his drain damaging the highway (2 shillings); James Fowler for his pig trespassing in the Cornfield (6 pence); John Barrett, for his pig trespassing on the Western Green and Low Groves (6d); Rebecca Barmby for her calves trespassing in the Cornfield (4d); Thomas Westoby & Thomas Watson jnr Cargraves, for neglect of driving the Groves and East Field (1s); Robert Sawyer for stocking his pasture gates in copartnership with Roger Sawyer who lives out of the Manor (3s 4d);

October 24th 1879
Rev Dr Wood, of South Reston, lectured at Winteringham for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.  He exhibited some large cartoons of South African natives and places, and showed what had been done in the past and the work now opening up in the Transvaal and Zululand.

October 24th 1883
A bazaar of useful and fancy articles was held in the Temperance Hall on 24th and 25th ult.. [24th and 25th October 1883] The hall was tastefully decorated for the occasion.  The bazaar was opened on Wednesday at three o'clock by Mr J. Watkin.  The attendance was very good, and a brisk sale immediately commenced.  The refreshment stall was well patronised.  There were several amusements - weighing machine, bran tubs, galvanic battery, &c., &c. The amount realised was 44, which is for the reduction of debt on the hall.

October 24th 1890
Emily Allison was cleared of maliciously killing three fowls and two ducks.

October 24th 2001
A runaway tractor demolish the railings round two chest-tombstones in the churchyard;

October 25th 1837
The James Pattison, with Charles Johnson, convict, aboard arrives Hobart.

October 25th 1878
HARVEST SERVICE.- The yearly service of thanksgiving for the harvest has been held in the Parish Church of All Saints.  The church was prettily decorated, and, considering the uncertainty of the weather, well filled.  The sermon, preached by the Rev. H. Syers, Vicar of Peterborough, was listened to with marked attention.  The collection, which amounted to 5 4s. 6d., was devoted, as usual, to the Hull Infirmary.

October 25th 1883
On Friday week the annual harvest thanksgiving service was held in the church of this village, when an excellent and appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev A. H. Lamb, curate of Flixborough, from St. John vi,. 34.  The church was tastefully decorated for the occasion, and despite the extreme wetness of the day, a large congregation assembled for the service.  The collection was, as usual, for the benefit of the Hull General Infirmary.  The services were repeated on the Sunday evening following to a large and attentive congregation.

October 25th 1883
A bazaar of useful and fancy articles was held in the Temperance Hall on 24th and 25th ult.. [24th and 25th October 1883] The hall was tastefully decorated for the occasion.  The bazaar was opened on Wednesday at three o'clock by Mr J. Watkin.  The attendance was very good, and a brisk sale immediately commenced.  The refreshment stall was well patronised.  There were several amusements - weighing machine, bran tubs, galvanic battery, &c., &c. The amount realised was 44, which is for the reduction of debt on the hall.

October 25th 1930
Elijah Brumby of West End was severely injured when thrown from his motor-cycle on Sluice Road, which was very greasy at the time.

October 26th 1699
Ann Scutt's probate inventory revealed that the spinster of age "neare 20 yeares" had been left a legacy of 40 by her uncle John Haire of Crowle.

October 26th 1904
Court Leet.

October 26th 1921
Motor bus service started.

October 27th 1742
The Winteringham Town jury fined Michael Pickersgill for his Humber bank being defective (1 shilling), for his Haven bank being defective (2d), and for breaking the Town's pinfold (1 shilling)

October 27th 1813
The body of a man dressed like a sailor was found floating near the shore at Winteringham.  He had a wooden leg, and in one of his waistcoat pockets was a leather pouch, containing some tobacco, and a shilling of the date 1723, marked IHAH.  Buried at Winteringham on 28th.  [Ed: later identified as Augustus Wardle.

October 27th 1827
The following notice had appeared in the Stamford Mercury 8 days previously: The Manor of Winteringham ... Notice is hereby given, that the Great Court Leet and Court Baron of the Right Honourable Robert, Lord Carrington, LORD of the said MANOR will be holden at the house of WILLIAM BELL, the FERRY BOAT INN, in WINTERINGHAM aforesaid, on SATURDAY the Twenty-seventh day of October instant: when and where all persons who owe suit and service at the said Court, are desired to attend and do and perform the same: and all persons who have not been admitted to their copyhold estates, are requested to attend and take admission to the same, and pay their fines and fees.

October 27th 1927
First ever meeting of Winteringham Women's Institute.

October 28th 1813
Augustus Wardle was drowned in the Humber.  His body was not washed up until 27th October that year, dressed like a sailor.  Unidentified at first, but later identified as Augustus Wardle. Buried the next day.

October 29th 1839
"The lady of the Rev Moxon" gave birth to a daughter at the Rectory.  (Ed: The building known as the Tudor Rectory)

October 29th 2004
A large tree fell across Western Green at 9:10 am following a night of heavy rain (pic).

October 30th 1853
After Lorenzo Grainger left the village to become Rector of Barnetby, multiple baptisms on one day became more common at Winteringham Church.  On this day in 1853, two children were baptised, though 7 months earlier, on March 6th, no fewer than six children, from six different families were baptised.

October 30th 1864
Mark and Mary Ann Drury named their child Lavermah - the Parish Registers noting that this was after the name of a ship!

October 30th 1906
Mr Bickell advertised for a full-sized bagatelle table.  It was for the Parish Room.

October 30th 1907
Shop fittings and stock were auctioned at West End Stores [Ed's note: this is the shop that was last occupied by Mr Teal in the 1950s/60s]

October 30th 1916
Marcel Whitley reported missing in Great War;

October 30th 1944
The certification of the Primitive Methodist Chapel in High Burgage was cancelled as it had ceased to be used by its congregation as a place of worship.

October 31st 1755
John Wesley wrote to Rev Thomas Adam of Winteringham

October 31st 1863
Mr Marshall took up two turnips which weighed 24 lbs and 22 lbs, measuring round 3 ft 4 in and 3 ft 2 in, sort, stone white, from seed raised by himself.

October 31st 1936
Diarist got new "high tension" battery for wireless.

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